About Henricus Bismo

Hey there! So, there’s me named Henricus Bismo who’s basically the founder of primeareviews.com. I am super passionate about golf and loves testing out all the latest clubs and gear.

Personally, I got into golf when I was young because my Grandpa was a big golfer. I played for a while, but had to stop because of other stuff going on. It wasn’t until 2018 that I really got back into it and decided to create this website.

When I came back to golf, my game was pretty rusty and I had a lot of questions about gear and how to improve. But all the websites I found were for really good players, which was frustrating. So, that’s when I had the idea to start this site for regular weekend golfers like me.

Back in 2018, my average score was around 98-102 on a par 81 course, which is pretty normal. But I worked hard and now I can consistently shoot in the 80s. My goal is to keep improving and hopefully break into the 80s soon!

I’ve tried all sorts of things to get better, like taking lessons and watching videos online. Some ideas worked, some didn’t. But I want to share what worked for me with other golfers out there. My best round so far was 12 over par, and my best 9 holes was 4 over par.

I’m also really into testing out different clubs and golf products to see what works best for beginners and high/mid handicaps, not just what the pros use. So, if you’re curious about how we test products or have any questions, just hit us up through our contact page.

Thanks for checking out our site! I really hope it helps you out.